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COFFEE IS THE 2nd MOST TRADED COMMODITY IN THE WORLD - behind oil- & Aussies are now drinking more coffee than beer. Per head of population we're fast becoming one of the biggest coffee consuming nations in the world. And what is all this consumption doing for the farmers who grow green coffee? In most cases it means long hours, low wages & poor conditions.

cuore050.jpgSPECIALITY COFFEE - is a gourmet coffee practice that's had its roots in the Seattle coffee scene since the 80's and more recently has been developed by leading coffee brands based in Wellington NZ, such as Coffee Supreme, Café La Fare & Peoples Coffee. Having been trained at Peoples Coffee the BLACKSTAR staff are passionate about bringing the gospel of fresh, shop-roasted coffee to the people of Brisbane. Expect hand-made, artisan roasted coffee, uncompromising commitment to fresh roasting, training for baristas, state of the art espresso making machinery & more.

FAIRTRADE - What is it? - Put simply it is an international trade justice system that exists to ensure that profits are returned to the farmers who grow the coffee. At BLACKSTAR we want you to feel great about the product at
all levels - not just how it tastes but also - how it makes you feel on a consumer values level. Fairtrade puts you in touch with the stories of where your coffee comes from, and how its production has affected producers.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE - is about creative, enterprise based solutions to long standing social problems.

BLACKSTAR COFFEE aims to generate income and small business opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds - such as non English speaking, Indigenous and at risk young people.

COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - is a core principle underpinning the way we operate and where we place our business. We aim to create social and economic alternatives through modeling an alternative - BLACKSTAR COFFEE is a business that aims to be multicultural inclusive, worker owned, for 'everyone's' profit, promoting local community and sustainability.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - all of BLACKSTARS coffees are purchased through the certified Organic system, a system that works in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air, creating a healthy environment rich in wildlife, woodlands and nutrients. The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil, nutritious crops and animal life.